​​                                                                                                           CLUB NEWS

                                                                             September 27, 2018

Well it's that time of year again to move into the new 2019 season. As a club we are very excited about this season. Please take the time to view our website for events and practice dates on the calendar, new board members, downloadable membership forms, and club news updates with a PayPal link for payments. Patti Hynds has worked hard to get the website as informative as possible including a new message board. Detailed instructions attached.  

Memberships and Sponsors: Get your membership forms done early so we can start tracking your club points. Also we are going to offer a free match for any member that gets a full sponsorship! Sponsorships is how we fund the end of year awards. More sponsors = better awards!! Please ask me for details and forms!!

End of Year Awards: November 17 around 6 PM. Dinner will be provided for shooters by the club, additional dinners can be purchased for $10. We will need an approximate headcount 2 weeks in advance. Sign-up sheet will be posted at October match. Don’t miss our most exciting end of year awards ever!! 

Wranglers: We have 2 Wranglers that moved up to a Level 1. Ethan Moody and Aniston Ainsworth. Please lend any help that you can to make this scary event for them go smoothly. We are so proud of them!! Also I will have a list for anyone willing to help in purchasing Wrangler gifts for a match. Saturday's we spend $8-10 each and Sunday's we go small...candy, etc. Help on this cost alone would be great. We charge Wranglers $20 per day, CMSA gets $10 each day...we have several ground shooters (ammo & balloons) so to have a part in helping award our Wranglers will bless you and the Wrangler :) 

That's all for now. Keep checking your email, message board, Facebook for any new news and/or events! The officers and board are working hard to make this a great year and are excited about some cool upcoming ideas and events!!

I CANT EXPRESS ENOUGH THAT OUR CLUB SUCCESS IS BECAUSE OF OUR AWESOME MEMBERS THAT ARE SO WILLING TO HELP AND SLOW TO COMPLAIN!!!!! Let's not take for granted how truly blessed we are with our shooting family!!
Oct. 7 Jackpot in Elkton at the St. John's Co Fairgrounds (flyer attached)
Oct. 14  Fall/Winter Buckle Series Bay Area Bandits in Bartow (flyer attached)
October 20  Practice at Xtreme Horsemanship in Webster (click on event on calendar at Peacemakers website for details)
October 27-28 Florida Peacemakers 1st competition match of the new season in Lady Lake (details also on Peacemakers calendar)   http://www.flpeacemakers.com/calendar.html 

Sincerely appreciate you all!

Mike and Angela Lancaster

CMSA 2019 Season Updates

The 2018 season is officially over, and it was a great year! Now that the 2019 season has started, here are a few things we wanted everyone to be aware of: 
Rifle and Shotgun Rule H: The rule for holding the rifle and shotgun against the shoulder was supposed to be removed for the 2019-2020 rulebook. The rulebook online correctly reflects this, but the smaller pocket rulebook inadvertently has it in. Please reference the rulebook online for the correct Rule H for rifle and shotgun. 

Match supplied blanks: Match supplied blanks are "as is" and shall not be modified in any way. If a competitor modifies or alters match supplied blanks they shall receive a non qualified run for that stage. 

Course 78: The course instructions for course 78  shall now read "H. Engage the entire Random course first, then round the Random Barrel. Then round the Rundown barrel.  Procedurals: 1, 2, 3" 

Rangemaster Status: All rangemasters must be re-certified for the 2019-2020 rulebook by retaking the rangemaster test. If you were certified last rulebook you do not need to pay to take the test again.  

2019-2020 Rulebook: If your membership expires between now and January 1, you will receive a new rulebook with your card when you renew. If your membership expires after January 1, you will receive one shortly in the mail.  

Pro Cards: Pro card status for all members ended with the close of the 2018 season. Therefore, in order to wear sponsor logos for the 2019 competition season, a new card must be purchased on our website by clicking here. Type your paragraph here.

You can now pay for matches with PayPal! No fees if you do as "send friends/family". Just follow this link:

Please note Cavalry saddle requirements are waived until further notice.
Any questions contact Eric Anderson. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO!