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​​                                                                                    CLUB NEWS

Just a reminder, starting in January, match stall fees will be $30 courtesy of L Cross Equestrian Center; their stall fees are still lower than most other arena’s. You will also notice if you pre-register for matches online starting with February match the 1 bag of shavings they require will be included in the stall fee making it $36.00.

The Board of directors met Saturday evening after the awards and discussed club business and we have decided to make some necessary changes.


Our current match fee format is $20 grounds fee, $45 match fee and 50% payout. At this rate we need 64 shooters to cover match expenses, our average for the 2016 season was 49 shooters per match, and you can see where this leads.

The board of directors has discussed this problem and has approved a new match fee format starting with our March match. $20 grounds fee, $55 match fee and a 50% payout, at this rate we need an average of 46 shooters. This will also increase our payout for a single shooter from $15.75 to $19.25. This new pricing actually brings us in line with other clubs match costs. Go to CMSA events and check out other events across the country to compare. If you have any questions regarding this increase please call me and I will be happy to discuss.

In an effort to get everyone on the road earlier after Sunday’s match I have asked the board what they thought about changing the Sunday match to a 3 stage main match event, which should allow us to finish much earlier; they agreed and starting in March our Sunday match will be a DWPQ 3 stages with 2 stages rifle & shotgun. Grounds fee will be $15 and the match fee will be $55 with the same 50% payout.


The board has voted to eliminate exhibition runs during the match after stages 1, 2, and 3, however we have agreed on a trial basis to offer exhibitions for 30 minutes immediately following the last shooter on stage 4 SATURDAY’S ONLY! The cost will remain $10 per run. You must bring cash and correct change only! Mike Nickerson will oversee the exhibitions if you have any questions please see him.

Please note Cavalry saddle requirements are waived until further notice.
Any questions contact Eric Anderson. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO!

Ok Folks..couple of issues that need to be addressed....

Please keep track of your smaller fur babies aka DOGS. There were a couple this past weekend running around like little orphans getting into mischief.
Also we post new info on the website under this page - "Club News" so that we don't have to keep repeating ourselves over and over.
YES YES YES fees were lowered for Sunday given it is only a 3 stage are NOT seeing this on your entry fee because it was deducted off of your grounds fee in order to keep your pay out fee the same.
So please read THIS page before voicing your complaints and misinforming others. Thank you!

Once again thank you all so much for all your help and support. I know these are small issues and I am sooo thankful we have such a great bunch of shooters that are always so willing and quick to encourage and cheer on their competitors. We truly have a special club, an extended family and for that we are very grateful. Ride Hard and Shoot Straight!!